My Services

My primary focus and skill sets are with moving images, not stills. This means I work best with videography, not photography (and no, they are not the same just because they each require a camera). However, I will provide photography services for clients whose needs I feel I can meet.  Please keep in mind, I do not do post work on images captured by others.

My current equipment list includes:

• Two Canon DSLRs
• One 4k aerial cam
• One Gecko 3-point surface mount
• One Gecko 2-point surface mount
• One Gecko 1-point surface mount
• One AC-powered 2-point lighting kit
• One battery-powered 1-point lighting kit
• One battery-powered 2-point flash kit
• One wireless 7-inch touchscreen field monitor
• One 6.5mm fisheye lens
• Two 18-55mm zoom lenses
• Two 50mm prime lenses
• One 40mm prime lens
• One 28mm prime lens
• One 24mm prime lens
• One 75-300mm zoom lens
• Filters/cabling/accessories
Video Shoots/Editing
• Package 1 (30-min session shoot) = $125
• Package 2 (1-hour session shoot) = $200
• Package 3 (2-hour session shoot) = $350
• Package 4 (4-hour session shoot) = $600
• Package 5 (8-hour session shoot) = $1000
• Shooting - Hourly (per camera) = $50/hr
• Additional Post Production = $50/hr

*Post production equal to session time is included with all packages. For example, Package 2 includes a 1-hour session shoot and 1 hour of post production.

*Package pricing includes one camera. Additional cameras can be commissioned at the hourly rate.

*Post production at hourly rate available only with purchase of package.

Photo Shoots/Editing
• Shooting - Hourly = $35/hr
• Shooting - 4-hour block = $125
• Package (2-hour session shoot + 1 hour of editing) = $100
• Additional Editing = $35/hr

Photo shoot notice: Please have an idea of your desired shots in mind. This will save a lot of time and better ensure your money is well spent. It works best to provide me with example images for shots you wish to recreate.

Video shoot notice: Please include a link to the song/product/organization requiring the video and links to the artist's/band's/company's bio. Providing at least a description of your video's concept would be beneficial in helping me decide whether I can meet your needs or not. Clients who have complete storyboards available take priority.

To schedule a shoot, please email me and we can discuss the specifics.

*Time expended for equipment set-up, image capture, and equipment tear down is billable. This means any time used for equipment assembly/disassembly is deducted from the total time purchased.

Prices are negotiable within reason, but significant discounts are primarily available only to previous clients. I accept cash, credit cards, PayPal, and checks. At least half of the service fee must be paid/cleared before the shoot. If requested, untouched images will be made available to the client within 24 hours of full payment clearance. Please allow 3 business days for any post-production and delivery of final images. Rates listed do not include travel expenses. Calculate travel at $1.00 per mile 1-way from 401 N Main St, Temple, Tx (Temple Post Office) to first shoot location. Travel between additional locations will be calculated at the same rate.

Aside from boudoir and private event photos (like for weddings) and pre-release promo materials, I reserve the right to use client images as examples of my work. I also reserve the right to refuse any job for any reason I see fit.